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Josie Baby Hat: $2.99

Knitting pattern for Josie Baby hatsThis adorable baby hat is a super quick knit – with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Perfect for the new addition in your family! Instantly cute – just add baby.

Pattern includes instructions for three sizes (newborn, baby, child).

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Download Josie Baby Hat Knitting Pattern



Child’s Newsboy Hat: $4.99

Childs Newsboy HatThis classic, beautiful newsboy cap is a perfect fit for the kiddo in your life. Easy to knit, built to last and universally adorable – a great investment of time and energy.

Available in 4 sizes: Newborn, Baby / Toddler, Child and Teen.

More info on the Child’s Newsboy Hat Knitting Pattern

Download Child's Newsboy Knitting Pattern



Retro Ski Mask: $3.99

Retro Ski Mask Knitting PatternThis retro mask is super soft and warm – it makes you want to embrace autumn and jump right into ski season. Easy to knit, you’ll be stylishly strutting down the slopes in no time.

The pattern is written with step by step instructions. One size fits all.

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Download Retro Ski Mask Knitting Pattern



Men’s Convertible Gloves – Knitting Pattern: $4.99

Mens Convertible Gloves Knitting PatternThese gloves were designed for a man. A man that does men’s work. My brother-in-law said they are the best gloves he’s ever owned. That’s saying a lot since he lives in Montana AND owns horses.

Durable and functional. Keeps him warm in the bitter cold!

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Download Men's Convertible Gloves Knitting Pattern



Bunny Rabbit Hat – Knitting Pattern: $2.99

Bunny Rabbit Hat Knitting PatternUsher Spring in with this happy little bunny hat. It’s a quick knit that will look adorable on your favorite little one’s head. Instructions included for baby, child and teen size hat. Easily adjustable for adult sizes.

Made with machine washable & dry yarns for easy care.

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Download Bunny Rabbit Hat Knitting Pattern



Fingerless Mittens – Knitting Pattern: $4.99

Fingerless Mittens Knitting PatternSuper cute and functional! These mittens totally hit the spot. Whether you are driving around town, or trying to send a message on your phone, the thumb and finger flaps allow you to keep the rest of your hand toasty warm!

This unique design actually holds flaps into place when covering your digits.

More info on the Fingerless Mittens Knitting Pattern

Download Fingerless Mittens Knitting Pattern



Quick and Easy Infinity Scarf: $2.00

Infinity Scarf Knitting PatternThis classy scarf is simple and quick to knit. Makes a perfect gift or a treat for yourself! Adds warmth and a splash of color to an outfit, along with a bit of extra style.

Pictured scarf uses one skein of yarn. For extra thick scarf, use two skeins.

More info on the Infinity Scarf Knitting Pattern

Download Infinity Scarf Knitting Pattern



Cabled Hand Warmers and Circular Scarf: $2.99

Cable Knitted GlovesCozy cabled hand warmers with circular scarf. This pattern is a quick knit – great for the holidays! Line by line instructions, with links to video too.

One size fits most – Adult and Teens. Can be adjusted for smaller hands by using smaller needles calculate gauge for desired width.

More info on the Cabled Hand Warmers and Circular Scarf Knitting Pattern

Download Hand Warmers & Circular Scarf Knitting Pattern



Hyla Knitted Frog Hat – Knitting Pattern: $4.99

Hyla Knitted Frog HatsThis adorable Hyla tree frog knitted hat comes in all sizes (Child, Teen & Adult). It’s bound to spread cheer – even on the gloomiest days. Make one for the little frog in your life!

Child (fits 15-17 inches), Teen (fits 17-20 inches), Adult (fits 20-24 inches)

More info on the Hyla Knitted Frog Hat Knitting Pattern

Download Hyla Knitted Frog Hat Knitting Pattern



Convertible Fingerless Gloves – Knitting Pattern: $4.99

Knitted Fingerless Gloves for iPhone - Knitting PatternThe perfect accessory for your new touch screen phone! These gloves were made for blustery winter days and tweeting. They include an awesome thumb flap so you can even text without freezing your little fingers off.

Instructions are easy to follow and adjustable for any size.

More info on the Convertible Fingerless Gloves Knitting Pattern

Download Convertible Fingerless Gloves Pattern



Hand Knit Sock Monkey Hat: $45

This adorable winteKnitted Sock Monkey Hatr hat is a must have! Custom designed and hand knit. The outer shell of the hat is 100% wool. The inside is lined with fleece, making it functional and warm enough to handle chilly winter weather.

Perfect for ice skating… or just monkeying around!

Sock Monkey Hat (Newborn/Child), Sock Monkey Hat (Teen/Adult)

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Sock Monkey Hat – Knitting Pattern: $5.99

Sock Monkey Hat Knitting PatternThis adorable sock monkey hat is perfect for cold winter weather. It’s made of wool, lined with fleece and has ear flaps to keep the cold wind out. Sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face!

This is an advanced knitting pattern, and requires sewing.

More info on the Sock Monkey Knitting Pattern

Download Sock Monkey Pattern



Newsboy Hat – Knitting Pattern: $4.99

Newsboy Hat Knitting PatternThis newsboy hat is perfect for rounding out your fall outfit. Cozy and luxurious at the same time… Tahki’s yarn adds quality weight and feel, and is easy to handle (machine washable and easy to work with!).

This is an advanced knitting pattern. Written directions and charts included.

More info on the Newsboy Hat Pattern

Download Newsboy Hat Pattern



Smurf Hat – Knitting Pattern: $4.99

Smurf Hat Knitting PatternBrighten up your kid’s winter days with this fun hat! Made using short rows and modular pieces. Easily adaptable for adult size by using Lion’s Brand Chunky yarn and size 10 needles.

Classic Smurf Hat – perfect for smurfing around town!

More info on the Smurf Hat Pattern

Download Smurf Hat Pattern



Chunky Arm Warmers – Knitting Pattern: $FREE!!

Chunky Knitted Arm WarmersChunky Unisex Arm Warmers – super soft and warm! The perfect addition to short sleeves in winter… This pattern is very simple and easily adjusted for size. Great idea for a last minute gift!

Adult (length = 10 inches; width = 8 inches circumference)

More info on the Chunky Arm Warmers Pattern

Download Chunky Arm Warmers Pattern



Winzler Hoodie (Baby) – Knitting Pattern: $2.99

Winzler Hoodie (Baby) Knitting PatternWarm and cozy – this striped hoodie is perfect for fall and spring weather. Great for extra warmth over long sleeved shirts. Fits 6-12 months, chest = 25”, shoulders = 22”, length = 14”, arms = 11”.

Written pattern, simple instructions. Easily adjustable for modifying size.

More info about the Winzler Hoodie Pattern

Download Winzler Hoodie (Baby) Pattern